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About Us

Welcome to the top rated locksmith service in the King’s County. Locks are usually underrated, but when you try to remember the number of times you manipulate or operate one in an average day, you will realize how important they are. Locksmith Issaquah is a well-known company dedicated to locks, keys, and other security hardware. Since our foundation, we consider your security a personal passion.


A successful entrepreneur is the one who knows what the people need and find a way to fill those gaps in a profitable way. Haywood P. Weber saw an opportunity in Issaquah after seeing its fast growth. The city acquired a suburban status and ranked high year after year in the economic growth statistics. Haywood started Locksmith Issaquah in 2001 having only one thing in mind: everyone needs to feel safe.

Simple idea, successful business

Locksmith Issaquah’s first years were invested in searching for useful contacts and long term relations with other companies. Haywood envisioned a steady growth in the city’s economy and wanted to be prepared, and he wasn’t wrong. Between 2000 and 2005, Issaquah’s growth ranked 6th among 278 other incorporated communities. Locksmith Issaquah positioned pretty well in the rising market thanks to Haywood’s networking efforts.

Two Pillars

Since 2010, the business adopted a new paradigm. With the acquisition of new mobile units and advanced equipment, Locksmith Issaquah offered our clients the promise of maximum speed and quality work. A never resting crew of professionals started to guard our emergency lines; eager to respond any distress call no matter how late at night or early in the morning. Our dependability and passion for service made us a reputation and by 2015 we were the leading company in town when it comes to locks, keys, and other security hardware.

A bright future

Today, we face our days with pride. We hold a great responsibility, as many homeowners and businesspersons put their security in our hands. We will keep doing our job with passion and commitment while pursuing the dream of becomes a significant presence in neighboring communities.

Stick with us a little longer and read about our services on our website. We appreciate your interest in us, now let us pay you with a top-notch locksmithing job!